SAIAE and PASAE Video Series

SAIAE and PASAE Agricultural Engineering Video Series

The SAIAE in partnership with The Pan African Society for Agricultural Engineering (PASAE), through the funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) have developed and completed a 12 Video Series! These videos have the objective of raising the public awareness of Agricultural Engineering as an industry and career path in Africa.

The said videos will look to illustrate the power of Agricultural Engineering by highlighting 12 different areas of Agricultural Engineering. So, stay tuned and see the power and potential of Agricultural Engineering in Africa!

We would like to also thank all the collaborators who greatly assisted in compiling the scripts, the videographer and the review panels. We thank you.

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The videos will also be published on our YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook platforms.

Overview of Agricultural Engineering Video

Mechanization and Precision Agriculture Video

Packaging and Packing Facilities Video

Energy in Agricultural Engineering Video

Renewable Energy in Agricultural Engineering Video

Water Supply Irrigation & Water Resource Management Video 

Food and Fibre Production Processing Video

Soil Conservation Video

Agricultural Buildings and Structures Video

Aquaculture and Hydroponics Video

4th Industrial Revolution Video

Hydrology and Dams Video