Profile of Louis Lagrange

Profile of Louis Lagrange


It’s that time of the week where we introduce and appreciate one of our own! This week’s engineer of the week is

The evergreen and phenomenal Mr. Louis Lagrange!!!

The South African Institute of Agricultural Engineers appreciates you Sir!

Louis Lagrange is the SAIAE Free State Branch Chairperson!

Louis holds a B.Eng Agricultural Engineering (Univ of Pretoria), an M.Eng Agricultural Engineering (Univ of Pretoria), and an MDP Management Development Program (Univ Free State).

He is an Agricultural Engineer, who specializes in Project Management, Food Processing Engineering, and Energy Engineering. During his 12 years with Agrelek, a subsidiary of Eskom, he was Project Manager – Research and Development, Portfolio Manager – Food Processing, and Agrelek Manager.

He is currently at the University of the Free State for 7 years where he led a team that successfully established a new degree in Engineering Sciences. He is leading the establishment of a new full engineering degree specializing in energy, food processing, and environmental bio-systems engineering.

Louis has a strong passion for education, as he spent 7 years at the University of KwaZulu-Natal as a senior lecturer in the School of Bio-resources Engineering and Environmental Hydrology. His passion for education is also prevalent through his facilitation of strategic planning for groups, and through training of self-authored and international energy management-related courses.

Quote: “Don’t wait for our ship to arrive, plan and start to building the port for it to dock.”