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Water Utilisation

The effective use of available water is of primary importance. In this field the agricultural engineer is involved with:

Hydrology and water works
Water delivery and conveyance systems
Irrigation systems design
Irrigation systems management
Drainage of irrigated lands
Aqua culture systems design
Water supply and irrigation

Hydrology and water works:

The analysis and development of water supply can be crucial to development of irrigation, aqua culture or water supply development. The agricultural engineer is often involved with:

  • Assessment of the quality and reliability of water supply
  • Flood hydrology and spillway design
  • Design of dams and other water storage structures
  • Design of weirs and other water diversion or abstraction works

Water delivery and conveyance systems:

Water must often be transported from the water storage or abstraction works to the point of use. The agricultural engineer will be involved in:

* Canal design 
* Design of pipelines and pipe networks 
* Design of pumping systems and pump houses



Irrigation systems design:

It is essential that irrigation systems are properly designed to distribute water efficiently and effectively. The agricultural engineer will be involved in:

  • Testing irrigation equipment to determine performance characteristics,
  • Design of irrigation control mechanisms and systems, and
  • Irrigation systems design (sprinkler, flood, drip, micro sprayer, centre-pivot and other types of systems)

Irrigation systems management:

Frequent analysis of irrigation systems efficiency, decision support systems and remedial actions to be taken also fall within the scope of work carried out by an agricultural engineer. Work includes:

  • Design of computer based irrigation management systems,
  • Irrigation scheduling, and
  • Faultfinding and problem solving in irrigation systems,
  • Field evaluations of irrigation systems efficiency, and
  • Upgrading and rehabilitation of inefficient systems.


Drainage of irrigated land:

Drainage of irrigated lands to prevent salinisation or damage due to erosion is important. The agricultural engineer will be involved with:

  • Design of surface runoff control systems,
  • Subsurface drainage.

Aquaculture systems design:

Aquaculture systems are also designed by agricultural engineers, who must be involved with:

  • Water impoundment design,
  • Cage culture design,
  • Fish feeding mechanisms, and
  • Harvesting and processing systems design.


Water supply and irrigation:

The effective and efficient use of available water is of primary importance. In this field the agricultural engineer is involved with:

  • Hydrology and water works,
  • Water delivery and conveyance systems,
  • Irrigation systems design,
  • Irrigation systems management,
  • Drainage of irrigated lands, and
  • Aquaculture systems design.



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